Our Services

Sales and use taxes can be a burdensome area for companies large and small.  Whether you are a small e-commerce business selling to customers in many states or a large manufacturer with plants all over the country, keeping up with each state's tax laws can be overwhelming.

Simek Tax works with our clients to understand their needs and provide innovative solutions to ease the burden of sales and use taxes.  We also work to identify tax savings opportunities and ensure the appropriate amount of tax is being paid.  Some of the services we offer include:

Refund Review

Review historical purchases in order to determine whether sales and use tax has been paid appropriately.  In the event overpayments are identified, we will work to file refund claims with the vendor and/or state to recover the appropriate amount.  We will also identify underpayments and help to correct the transactions historically and prospectively, which can reduce a company’s risk for audit.

Voluntary Disclosure

In the event a liability is discovered, we can assist in resolving the issue with the jurisdiction by filing a voluntary disclosure agreement.  By using a third party to initiate the agreement, your business can often remain anonymous until the jurisdiction has accepted your application.  We will serve as a liaison with the state to request and obtain acceptance into the state’s voluntary disclosure program, negotiate terms, protect your interests, and assist in calculating the liability.

Due Diligence

If you are considering a purchase of a business or division, it is important to realize that an acquisition also includes a purchase of unrecorded liabilities. We can perform a review of a target company’s transaction tax process to identify issues prior to acquisition. Unrealized liabilities can potentially be significant enough to cause a purchase price adjustment.

Audit Defense

Manage any or all aspects of the sales and use tax audit process to ensure tax is not overpaid to a jurisdiction. We have a significant amount of experience researching technical issues, formulating arguments and working with auditors to mitigate audit assessments. We can also assist with reviewing the audit approach and sampling methodology to ensure accurate results.

Nexus Study

Analyze current and historical business activities, including where employees or agents/representatives are operating, to determine in which states there is an obligation to comply with sales and use tax law.  If it is determined a collection obligation exists in unregistered states, we will assist in calculating the liability, resolving the issues and mitigating tax, interest, and penalty exposure.

Taxability Research

Research statutes, regulations and case law on a multistate basis in order to determine whether sales or use tax applies to a product or service.